Children, Youth & Family Ministries

Sunday School Ministries

The Sunday School curriculum is based on the Narrative Lectionary which is the basis for our worship services. You and your child can expect the following:

  1. to hear the same Bible story in Sunday School as will be preached on in the worship service
  2. to read from the Bible beginning in Genesis through to Revelation during the program year
  3. to create a Bible Timeline in class as the whole story unfolds
  4. to be invited to use their imagination and creativity to bring the story alive
Parents are encouraged to not only worship together with their children, but to read the Bible, pray, and apply the Lord's Prayer, the Creed, and the Ten Commandments to everyday events in your life.  

Faith Formation in Confirmation

Confirmation is a time for exploring questions about God and ourselves in a more focused way.

The goal of confirmation is for participants to be honest about their doubts while also allowing for the growth of a faith that is genuine and true.

Areas of exploration will include personal thoughts and feelings, the Bible, Church History and Christian teachings.  Readings, movie clips and conversation will be the primary tools for the pursuit of a growing and maturing faith.

In addition to regular Wednesday evening classes, there will be a retreat in the fall and spring.